I know I'm a little  late on the whole fall folliage pictures thing, especially since we are supposed to get snow tonight but let me tell you about NJ fall...no no...let me show you my work commute....

 right??? I was pretty bummed out about missing fall this year. It's been our tradition to pick a place and spend weekend there. We even went to PA for a weekend hoping to catch the last few day of peak color. Well we caught end of the peak season with rain,my dreams of fall foliage this year were shattered. Until...UNTIL!!! two weeks later color in my backyard! who knew NJ can be so pretty this time of year. I swear when I left the house to go to work that day I thought "WTF!" Color everywhere! our street full of yellows and oranges. I mean the trees were on fire and I was camera happy. Hey NJ I know i've expressed my dislike towards you but after this year's fall...things might workout between us after all...(maybe)