Two weeks ago on Friday night I craved for bagels next day...I know what you're thinking. Who the hell craves anything for next day right? ummm I do cause I'm odd like that. Anyways I knew I wanted bagels for breakfast but I also knew that I was not going to drive anywhere to get them and I also knew that Prakhar was not going to go either. So I thought I can make them! And I think Google knew what I was thinking because the very first search result was this tutorial...I mean common step by step with pictures??? I'm not going come up with my own recipe when brilliant Kenzi already did that for me. I mean why reinvent the wheel right? So thank you Kenzi for this. You rock!

Let's just say there is something amazing about homemade fresh warm bagels.


Asian style...

July 4th was last week but i'm going to talk about it anyways. Well...not much to talk about as it was very quiet... We didn't do much since let's face it, the heat is beyond bearable so we decided to stay in and watch countless hours of Castle, Law and Order, and other crime shows that freak me out at night. I did not want to cook so we decided to go our favorite local bar for some beer and burgers and then some regret for dessert. As much as I love pub food, I know i'm not doing any good to my body. So the next day I made something light. Asian style grilled tofu with quinoa. Sure sounds boring, but let me tell you the that flavor was anything but. Healthy can be yummy too you know...:)


Watermelon Lime

These days the weather can be summarized in two words-Hot and Humid. Of course I'm sitting inside with the AC blasting and a blanket because it's too cold. Physically I maybe freezing but the weather guy said it's going to 95F+ humid so my mind is in "it's too hot" mode. On a day like this I want more than just cold glass of water. If you are avoiding Beer because you are on a "diet", I suggest you make yourself nice cold glass of watermelon lime.

  • Watermelon cut into pieces
  • Ice
  • Juice of half lime (make sure this is fresh)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Seltzer water/tonic water

Crush watermelon and ice in a blender. Pour the mix in tall glass 3/4 way full. Top it off with tonic water. Add lime juice and salt. Mix and enjoy!