Bestie's Wedding

Let’s talk about wedding, shall we? Every time I attend one, it reiterates importance of this special bond. It’s not only about love it’s about respect. I recently had an honor of being part of my bestie’s wedding. I only have one word to describe it-UHHAMAAZZZING! I feel like I should document my memories of this awesome day. The entire day was perfectly orchestrated and not to mention how hot she looked. I love to be part wedding where the bride and groom are having fun and enjoying their special day. From their first dance to the food was perfect. And can we please talk about the church ceremony? I go gaga over old architecture. The beautiful church was over 100 years old with fresco ceilings and antique details. Add live organ music and singing and you get this romantic atmosphere with goosebumps. I mean it was just magical and was happy to be part of it. Sure I cried like a little girl but some guys were crying like little girls too so it’s all good. I wish I had taken more pictures but I did capture her getting ready moments. Sandya, thanks for including me in your special day. I am looking forward to growing old and crocheting on the porch with you! ( I promise there will be wine)
Get ready for bazzilion pictures...

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