So here we are...2015! Is it me or is this wold spinning faster as the time goes by? I am not sure what happened to 2014 but when I stop and actually think about it, A LOT happened. We took some amazing trips and bought a house. While the year was good, I do have that "I wish I..." feeling. I wish I had spent more time with my friends and family instead spending so much time working. I wish I had blogged more. I wish I had taken more pictures and read more books and crochet. I am not going to linger on those thoughts though because it is new year and new clean slate to screw up all over again ;) j/k.  I hope you have amazing 2015. Wish you less of "I wish I had..." and more of good times with friends and family. Hope you see the world through your own eyes instead of other people's Instagram. 

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