Have you heard of this drink called Rooh-Afza? It's something I grew up drinking on hot summer days. It has very Indian taste to it. It's fruity but has hint of rose. You should really try it. When I realized i've had this syrup hanging at the bottom of fridge door there was this (angels singing) momemt....adult Rooh-Afza?!? So the experiment began. I'm pretty sure this has been done before but I don't care...i'm still pretty thrilled that I thought of this. All you need is:

1 Shot of Gin
1 Tbs of Rooh-Afza Syrup
Ice Cubes
Tonic water
splash of lemon juice
Mint for garnish

AND you get this my friend...I KNOW right!!!

This is great for summer. It's also great for days when weather is 0 degrees one day and 60 the next and you forget to change your themostat and your house feels like hot summer day with snow outside...

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  1. this is a great drink,try in weekend and make your self happy...love it..good job Unnati