Diablo Cookies

Have you ever been in a situation where you're watching TV- Food TV & Cooking channel to be exact- and  you want that food right then?!? If so then this post is dedicated to you my friends. TacoFino Cantina in Tofino, British Columbia was featured on Eat Street. As I was watching this show I was thinking two things. 1. We really need to visit BC like now and 2. Until I do I must make these addictive cookies. Since BC is really far and there's scary blizzard called Nemo* outside my only option was to make these bad boys. These are really good. The cayenne pepper hits you after 10 seconds of biting into the cookie but it's good. I mean these are REALLY REALLY GOOD! I'm not kidding...TacoFino you rock!

I followed the recipe here. I recommend that you let the dough sit for few minute before baking. Enjoy!

* Dear person in charge of naming blizzards....please don't use names of any cute characters. 

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