It's only Wednesday and I've already learned two good lessons. 
1. If you're going to try cooking something new write it down, because chances are it might actually turned out good. 
2. Check weather before wearing your new  cool shoes. 

Monday night I made these Asian style sloppy joes, and they turned out to be really good. I've been hearing a lot about shredded pork Chinese steam buns, if I ate meat I know I would devour them. Since I'm vegetarian I've been wanting to make something similar. I've had Nutrela High Protein Soya Granules sitting in pantry for few months now. When cooked they have this "meaty" quality. With some Asian spices the dish turned out to be hearty and filling. 

...and for my shoe lesson. First of all how cute are these??

Right?? I pink shoe laces and pink soles! I got these shoes about 2 weeks ago and I've been itching to wear them. But every day is either snow, rain or slush. *sigh*  Well...I did not check the weather and wore them with  my super cool maroon pants and guess what...it snowed! Not that I do a lot of walking outside but still :( they now have snow stains on them :(

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