Crochet love

I learned to crochet from my mom when I was 13(ish). I remember making a lot of random things for my family. I love the rythmic action of this beautiful craft. It actually relaxes me and makes me forget about everything that is going around me. Since last few years though, I've been seriously thinking about doing something with it. My fia (dad's sister) used to knit. She is no longer with us but my fondest memories of her are of her knitting. Every time I crochet I think about her and miss her. I wish she was around to teach me how to knit. I want to carry on her tradition and make something for all the kids in the family. Of course I can't knit her like, I mean the woman made excellent sweaters. This yellow blanket is for a very special girl named Savi. Everyone who knows her describes her as someone with sunny and cheery personality. When I was at Michaels, I saw this bright yellow yarn and my heart screamed SAVI!! Next thing I know i'm spending hour everyday making something special for this special girl. I hope she loves it as much as i do, I hope she remembers that her fufu made this specially for her because her fufu loves her more than she'll ever know.

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